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Now available online for teams and organizations.

A New Kind of Strong

Stress-Away offers a new blueprint – a new paradigm – about how we perceive the world, address difficulties that arise within it, and our ability to deal with change, anxiety and stress. Simply put, it’s about creating and maintaining calm, stability and resilience, in spite of overwhelm and the daily grind.

This approach does not put a bandaid on stress and anxiety or temporarily resolve the symptoms, but rather it ends these debilitating issues at their root. Stress-Away focuses on how we can learn to live better, thrive more and strive to become healthier and calmer in the face of adversity or change. What a concept!

Our solutions result in the shifting of old patterns, such as surviving and just “making it through the day.” Stress-Away provides the tools necessary to transform negative thoughts and behaviours while helping to develop and keep a strong, healthy and stress-free pace as change continues to occur at an exponential pace. 


Change the Game on Stress

We work with clients across all industries to address the serious and significant impacts of stress on their employees and organizations. Whether you have a team of one hundred or less, or an audience of ten thousand or more, Stress-Away delivers innovative, effective and sustainable solutions at every level. 

By taking time to understand your business and the issues and challenges you are facing, we help you challenge conventions by introducing and delivering strategies that work specifically for your group.

Yogi Akal, founder and CEO of Stress-Away, presents an invigorating presentation for your organization on the subject of the 21st-Century Cure: Stress-Away and the Renaissance Mind. Educate, inspire, uplift, and motivate your audience with key insights on how to optimize life in the 21st century.

The Stress-Away team designs and delivers engaging and supportive experiences for a wide spectrum of needs. Whether it's crisis response or employee development, we bring people together to explore, practice, learn and heal the impact of stress in any context.

A powerful five-part program that teaches accessible and indispensable tools for developing strength and resilience. Every member of your organization will benefit from this series as they learn to address and resolve stress and anxiety at the core level.  

Delivered online.

Customized live components tailored for your group are recommended.

Stress-Away’s expert consultative services provide you with actionable insights and specific strategies to address and resolve the layers of stress that impact your specific group.

Develop forward-thinking at the highest level, and acquire the skills and approaches to lead your organization through today’s toughest challenges.

Now accepting reservations for Spring 2022

Stress-Away 100

From Stress to Strength

This program is ideal for C-Suite, management and workforce teams. Participants develop first-hand expertise in the Stress-Away system through engaging online content and tailored live sessions. 

Online Course:
A powerful five-part course that teaches the Stress-Away Response and how to build new strength and resilience – in the immediate and long term, over a period of 6 months.

Tailored Live Sessions:
Enhance and customize the Stress-Away 100 experience with live and online custom sessions, such as: executive and management seminars, team and department programs, staff breakouts, follow-ups and refreshers, and company-wide keynotes. 



Program Outline: Stress-Away 100

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  • Reframe your understanding of stress and identify the most common stressors that occur in the world around you, and their impact on your career and life.
  • Learn and apply the “emergency” Stress-Away techniques designed to help you immediately get stronger and save yourself in a variety of situations.
  • Identify the key components of the anatomy of your inner world and how to leverage them for strength in the face of stress. 
  • Learn and apply the primary Stress-Away adjustments needed to self-correct, from the inside out, under pressure.
  • Break through blocks to performance, and develop a new awareness of how to determine and direct your ideal output.
  • Learn and apply performance-oriented methods to achieve and sustain success in ordinary and extraordinary situations.
  • Building on the previous three courses, identify the stages of burnout, where all stress appears to be equal, and your nervous system can't tell the difference anymore.
  • Learn and apply prevention and recovery techniques to support yourself and others.
  • Integrate the tools, techniques and resources of the Stress-Away 100 series to create sustainable balance, equilibrium and energy.
  • Learn the Stress-Away Response and how to sustain your strength and resilience over time.
  • Live and interactive virtual sessions designed to:
    • Introduce your team and set the stage for a personalized learning experience
    • Review material and access guidance and coaching 
    • Address specific concerns and questions
    • Benefit from bonus material and additional learnings
    • Energize your team throughout the 5-part program and beyond
  • For a limited time, hosted by founder and CEO, Yogi Akal
  • Customized schedule to guide your team's learning at a pace that suits you best
  • Program kick-off questionnaire that gathers insights and input from your group to inform live session activities
  • Regular polling and interactions to stay in tune with your team’s progress, their challenges and desired outcomes
  • Personalized resources to support ongoing engagement with the program

Enjoy unlimited access to all online materials for the duration of the program.

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Expertise You Can Count On

Yogi Akal, founder and CEO of Stress-Away, is a force for global change. Through his work advising world leaders, incubating projects in commerce and government, and collaborating with visionaries in every field, he's developed unparalleled expertise to address the needs of any organization. 

Yogi Akal and his team bring the knowledge and expertise your organization needs to become stronger and more resilient in the face of stress.

"21st-century problems cannot be cured with 20th-century solutions. None of us can continue to ignore stress or be victimized by crushing anxiety – what we have to do is learn to foster a new and different mental state. Now is the time to help relieve the rapidly increasing stress and anxiety levels occurring worldwide – not next month, not next year – but now! " – Yogi Akal

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