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Stress: Today's Health Epidemic 

In our modern world, stress abounds. Dealing with stressful situations on a professional and personal level is something we encounter daily – but its presence in our work and our lives has changed.

According to the World Health Organization, "stress has been dubbed the Health 'Epidemic of the 21st Century,' and is estimated to cost American businesses up to $300 billion a year." On top of this, a recent study found that "over 50% of individuals felt that stress negatively impacted work productivity."


Stress Causes Problems, and Those Problems are Getting Bigger

Left unaddressed, stress can lead to a host of negative outcomes – for employees, employers, communities, and families. The global pandemic, for instance, has only heightened the effect. Unmanaged or poorly managed stress can lead to burnout, anxiety, depression, and other related health issues. Studies have shown:

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of employees said stress made them less productive at work

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of employees said stress made them less engaged at work

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of employees admitted to changing jobs because of stress

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of employees said stress negatively affects work quality

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The Stress-Away Solution

Whether it's to better lead a team, be more productive, or live a more balanced life, Stress-Away provides reliable, effective, and sustainable solutions for individuals and companies of any level or size. 

Designed to help change how individuals and groups understand, experience and deal with stress, the Stress-Away™ System focuses on strengthening people to become clear and resilient in the face of stress – in the immediate and long term.  

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Stress-Away 101
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Stress-Away 101:  For Groups of 5+
• Corporate teams, departments, events
• HR development programs, wellness initiatives and employee benefits
• Hospitals, healthcare teams, private clinics
• Athletic teams: athletes, staff and management
• Primary and post-secondary educators, administrators, students
• Governments and organizations
• Veterans' programs
• Emergency and trauma services
• Friends and family packages
• Client appreciation gifts and events

Group packages include priority access and exclusive discounts.

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Yogi Akal

Expertise you can count on

Yogi Akal is your program guide and CEO of Stress-Away. A trusted counselor and consultant to key leaders and influencers, he is the voice of clarity, strategy and innovation, the compass and calm in the storm. Through his Stress-Away™ webinar programs and Renaissance Mind™ executive retreats, he introduces new strategies for transforming stress to strength. 

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